Schedule 2019

Hours & Schedule

Friday, January 25

5:00 pm: Jam doors open. Registration begins.
6:30 pm: Welcome. Keynote and theme reveal.
7:00 pm: Dinner served. Pitches and group formation (optional)
7:30 pm: Everyone jamming!

Saturday, January 26

9:00 am: Breakfast served.
1:00 pm: The traditional GGJ Vancouver group photo– don’t miss it!
All day: Pure jamming! Be sure to check out our sponsor booths!

Sunday, January 27

Morning: Still jamming!
9:00 am: Breakfast served.
12:00 pm: Tree of Audio & Pixel Route, last call for Art and Audio requests.
3:00 pm: Final submission starts for upload to IGDA Global Game Jam site.
3:30 pm: Open arcade. Opportunity to play games.
5:00 pm: Closing ceremonies and dinner.
5:30 pm: Final showcase. More open arcade.
6:30 pm: Off to home!

Note that this is a non-competitive event and you are not required to spend the full 48-hour period on site. Some groups certainly do, and we’ll be here the entire time, too, with security around the clock so it’s up to you and your team. But the idea is to be jamming in the same place as a community, so heading home and jamming from home during the day is strongly discouraged as it is not in the spirit of the event.