Global Game Jam Vancouver

Welcome to Global Game Jam Vancouver

January 26-30, 2022

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Running since 2010!

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BC United Student Game Developers Association is a non-profit organization that brings aspiring game developers and game studios together. In the past, we hosted events such as @BCGameJam and @GGJVancouver. We are continuously growing, and looking for new opportunities to support the Vancouver game development community.

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Jam with Global Game Jam!

Global Game Jam is a yearly event where game makers come together and make a game in a few days!

  • Come with a team or form a team with others!
  • Learn new skills!
  • Programmer: Learn a new engine or prototype quickly!
  • 2D artist: Refine your sketches a bit into video game art!
  • 3D artist: Learn how or refine your usage of 3D modelling software!
  • Sound: Create and edit sound effects!
  • Writer: Quickly write dialog and stories for games!
  • Music: Compose quickly for video game music!
  • Project Manager: Keep the team on track for the deadline in a few day and help solve teamwide problems!
  • Interact with game and technology companies!
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    Volunteer for Global Game Jam!

  • Interact with our jammers!
  • Help organize before the jam!
  • Help our members with problems!
  • Listen to talks from the video game industry!
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    Mentor for Global Game Jam!

  • You should sign up to mentor if you have in-depth experience with game development such as programming, art, music, sound, writing, or project management!
  • Help answer jammer questions!
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    January 26th
    January 27th
    7:00pm [Sponsor] PixelPAD
    9:00pm [Sponsor] Kabam
    11:00pm Empty Sponsor Slot
    January 28th
    7:00pm [Sponsor] East Side Games
    8:00pm Team Formation
    9:00pm [Sponsor] A Thinking Ape
    11:00pm Empty Sponsor Slot
    January 29th
    January 30th
    5:00pm Submission Deadline & Arcade Start!
    6:45pm Twitch Showcase Signup Deadline
    7:00pm Twitch Showcase Start
    8:00pm Closing Ceremony

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Global Game Jam?

    Global Game Jam is a hackathon where game enthusiasts can collaborate, learn, and create a game based on a theme that has been given by the organizers.

    Who is this event for?

    Anyone is welcome, regardless of experience. This is meant to be a fun event for anyone with any level of experience in game development. Even if you know very little about game development, you will learn a lot about it.

    Which roles can I do?

    You can be one of more of the following:
    • Programmer
    • 2D Artist
    • 3D Artist
    • Sound engineer
    • Music Composer
    • Writer
    • Project Manager

    Is there a minimum age limit?

    There is no minimum age limit. However, if you are under 19 years of age, there is a waiver that your guardian must sign.

    Can I work on an existing project?

    No. All participants must work on a project created during the game jam to keep judging fair.


    Do I need a team?

    Jams are usually done in teams, but it is up to you whether or not you'd like to work in one. If you do want a team but do not have one, you will have a chance at the event before the jamming starts to mingle with the rest of the attendees and make or join a team.

    Is there a maximum team size?

    There is not. However, bigger teams will need to dedicate more resources to team coordination and will need to be more organized in general.

    What if we don't have anyone working on audio and/or art for our team?

    For audio, the Tree of Audio team on-site to help everyone with SFX and audio. For art, the Pixel Route team on-site to help everyone with game art.

    What if I'm the audio engineer/interested to work on an audio engineer for this jam and I still don't have a team?

    You can either join the Tree of Audio and potentially work on multiple teams' audio or join a specific team and focus on the audio for that team.

    What if I'm the artist/interested to work as an artist for this jam and I don't have a team?

    You can either join Pixel Route and potentially work on multiple teams' art or join a specific team and focus on the art for that team.

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